Building Information Modelling

BIM is Building Information Modelling. It is a construction project delivery system which incorporates the design and development of data rich 3D building modelling through collaborative working.

BIM is designed to create workflows between disciplines which traditionally, would develop their own 2D drawings throughout the design process. It is specifically designed for these disciplines to share and coordinate their information before construction.

By adopting BIM workflows the entire project can designed by a team in different offices and information distributed and shared instantly through connected networks.
BIM is specifically designed to improve project delivery with two key aspects integrated into the model. Time and cost. By sharing the model between disciplines accurate quantities, and hence costs, are generated during the design stage. 
Clash detection is seen, and rectified by way of the generated 3D model way before any construction. 
Further factors can be integrated and modelled into the design such as environment, energy uses and lighting analysis etc.